Spinal Lesions – 3/6/19

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This may sound like I’m mad at my doctors but I’m not. I actually like all my doctors. New lesions developed on my spinal cord which disrupt body functions below my waist. What I don’t understand is why no one mentioned new lesions on my spinal cord until October of 2011. I don’t know for sure but I must have taken an MRI between 2000 and 2011. Didn’t those lesions show up between those years? How long does it take for a lesion to get big enough to screw up a body function?

In my opinion but I think those lesions must have started sometime in 1999. By December of 1999 my bladder wasn’t working properly. Whenever I had to go there was a sense of urgency. Other times, I’d go and five minutes later it felt like I had to go again. It turned out my bladder wasn’t emptying completely. My urologist suggested self-catheterizing in the morning when I get up and before I went to sleep at night.

Urinating twice a day lasted about a month and then one day I just stopped urinating. On January 2, 2000 I started cathing full-time. I average 4-6 caths per day depending on what I’ve been drinking. It’s hard to believe I’ve been cathing for 19 years but I have been. By the end of February 2019 I will have self-cathetered myself roughly 38,143 times give or take 500.

My bladder not working was my only major problem until the fall of 2011. I had some MS relapses but nothing major resulted from those. Then in September my walking, standing and balance started getting more rugged. By rugged I mean I was shuffling my feet more and leaning on chairs, tables and counters to help me get around.

I’d bought a three wheeled scooter in 1996 for fatigue problems and walking long distances. By the end of November 2011 my walking and standing had completely stopped. I was riding my scooter full-time to get around my apartment, stores and my neighborhood.