** My MS E-book

I’m going to start selling my e-book “I’ll Run Again in Heaven” at scooterjon58.com in September 2019.  I don’t know the exact date yet as I’m still putting some finishing touches on the e-book.  I talk about MS, the symptoms of MS, how I’m affected by those symptoms and some handy tips.  This is the author page of my e-book. 


“I’ll Run Again in Heaven” 

This is Jon Wegner aka “Scooterjon”.  I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 28 years ago in 1991.  I was only 33 years old.  I live with my wife in West Fargo, ND.  MS took my legs and everything below my waist eight years ago.  Since November of 2011 I ride my electric scooter 100% of the time hence my nickname.  When writing my e-book I’m not looking for pity, sympathy and I’m not on my normal pity pot, either.

I feel like an expert talking about my MS because I’ve experienced just about everything MS can give to a person.  My e-book was written for people with MS, either newly diagnosed or veterans like myself.  Maybe you think you might have MS?  Have you got a friend who thinks they might have MS?  My e-book might help you get the information you need to determine that.

This e-book started when my county social worker was visiting and asked my wife Doris (who doubles as my caregiver) how things were going.  Doris said everything was “just fine.”  Then the social worker turned to me and asked me the same question.  I said “all is good except I still have my stupid disease!”

You see folks, like many MSers, I don’t look sick.  If I was in a restaurant, my scooter wasn’t close by, and someone was asked to pick out the person at the table with a major disease I don’t think they would choose me!  The only thing that gives me away that something is not right is my electric scooter.

When our meeting with the social worker was done I decided to make a list of my MS symptoms.  When I was done counting I had over 20 symptoms.  I couldn’t believe I had that many!  I thought why not write an e-book about MS symptoms.  “Maybe I can help some people with this lovely disease!”  Writing is also cathartic for me, I get to vent! lol

I’ve had this crappy disease for 28 years now and it’s only going get worse.  Since ’91 my MS has progressed to the Secondary Progressive level.  As you go on your Multiple Sclerosis journey you might recall things from your past that might relate to your current health situation.  I know I did.  I can date my earliest symptoms back to when I was 13!

In my e-book I talk about MS, its symptoms and how those affect me at the date of this publication which I marked in “Black”.”  Information I copied from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s website and other MS/Health websites are marked in “Red”.  My MS Facts are from PositiveLivingWithMS.com