“I’ll Run Again in Heaven”

By Jon “Scooterjon” Wegner

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 28 years ago in 1991.   I was 33 years old.  Now that I know what I know I can trace my heat symptom back to the age of 13!  That’s 40+ years with this wonderful disease!   I now live with my wife in West Fargo, ND.   By July of 2016 MS had taken my legs and everything below my waist making me for lack of a better word, a paraplegic!   Since November of 2011 I ride my electric scooter 100% of the time hence my nickname. 

I feel like an expert talking about my MS because I’ve experienced just about everything MS can give to a person.  My e-book was written for people with MS, either newly diagnosed or veterans like myself.  Maybe you got a friend with MS?  Maybe you think you have MS?  My e-book might help you get the information you need to determine that.

Like many MSers, I don’t look sick.  If I was in a restaurant and my scooter wasn’t close by and someone was asked to pick out the person at the table with a major disease I don’t think they would choose me!  The only thing that gives me away that something is not right is my electric scooter.

I’m going to start selling, I’ll Run Again in Heaven at scooterjon58.com some time in January 2020.  I don’t know the exact date yet as I’m settling things with my publisher.  I talk about MS, the symptoms of MS, how those symptoms have affected me and some handy tips.