More Bowel Troubles – 2/1/19

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The MS symptom that has really affected my confidence is my bowels. I started losing control of my bowels in the summer of 2016. Let me clarify losing control for me… I know when I’m going to have BM but I have to be on a toilet in 45 seconds to a minute. It’s like when you have the flu and a bad case of diarrhea. Anyway, in that time period are transfers to my scooter, scooting to the bathroom, transferring to a wooden bathroom stool the same height as my toilet and then transferring to the toilet seat. I also have to get out of my sweats and undies in that time period.

The bowel problem makes it kind of difficult planning anything or going anywhere. I’ve tried everything to get regular but my BMs can happen anytime and anywhere during the coarse of a 24 hour period. My gastroenterologist has me taking Miralax. The Miralax helps with everything except when I’m going to have a BM. The following is starting to happen more frequently. This past Wednesday at about 3pm I was typing on my computer. I suddenly felt something moving in my rear end. I yelled for Doris to meet me in the bathroom. She helps me by taking down my sweats and underwear.

Anyway, I quickly transferred to the small wooden stool in my bathroom. Doris didn’t even have time to pull down my sweats when I stared pooping in my undies. I was just a foot from my toilet! I was so pissed!! I said some colorful words, cut my undies off with a scissors and then Doris cleaned me up enough to get in the shower.

It takes Doris about 90 minutes to completely clean up after one of my accidents. That 90 minutes includes my shower and cleaning the bathroom. Jack Nicholson has a joke in the movie “The Bucket List”, “when men get older you shouldn’t waste an erection, you don’t pass a bathroom and you can’t trust a fart!” How true! lol

Back in the 90’s and early 2000’s if I pooped my pants I would feel guilty and embarrassed for a week before my head would straighten out again. Nowadays, I still feel as low as a snake’s belly but I realize there is nothing I can do and feeling like a baby quickly goes away. I’m just so happy I found Doris when I did. Then during the week of January 14th I dumped twice when I thought just a fart was coming and it turned out to be full BM. I told Doris “I can see an ostomy bag in my future which I don’t want even think about!”


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