Invisible Symptoms – 6-25-19

Here is a list of my current symptoms.  I guess this is what Secondary Progressive MS is all about?  Many are invisible to people unaware of what Multiple Sclerosis is.

  • Standing or walking.  Of the 25 symptoms listed here standing and walking is the only visible one.  I’m on my electric scooter 100% of the time.   
  • Fatigue is a big one for me.  I take one nap per day in the afternoons for 30 minutes.  Every night I now lay down by 6 or 7 pm for the night.  I watch TV but I’m dozing on and off.
  • Bladder stopped completely in January of 2000.
  • Bowels stopped working correctly in July of 2016.  I’m either constipated or running to the toilet.
  • Balance has been getting worse every year since about 2000.
  • Sleeping troubles – Nowadays I get around 3-4 hours of sleep per night.
  • Shaky hands – I can’t dress myself anymore.  I can put on my T-shirts but everything else I need help with.
  • Cognitive/memory problems – Plain and simple I’m more forgetful.
  • Numb/tingling feelings in my feet for the past ten years.  My left hand has also been numb since a bad exacerbation that I had in 1993.
  • Vertigo occasionally – see balance problem above.
  • Sex problems – I have grand ideas but then fatigue or bowels interrupt
  • Emotional problems
  • Clonus in both legs. My legs will shake until I move them to a different position.
  • Depression
  • Swallowing problems
  • Osteoporosisthis is from a lack of using my body for daily things.
  • Pressure or bed sores.
  • Blood clot in lower legs from sitting on my scooter too much
  • Hot temperatures
  • Blurry vision – when I had Relapsing Remitting MS my eyes would blur when having exacerbations.
  • Taste buds MS has begun to affect my taste budsEither that or my wife can’t cook which I know she can.
  • Tremors – there are times I start shaking and can’t stop
  • Disinhibition – the biggest one is I swear too much
  • Handwriting – in the past year my handwriting has begun to suck/I don’t press down hard enough even though my brain tells my hand to press harder
  • Anxiety
  • After making this list I now know why I have depression and anxiety problems. My seems entire life is affected by my MS.