Disinhibition – 10/18

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My MS has also given me something called disinhibition. I define it like this. I say what’s on my mind and it’s usually accompanied with colorful words. Fortunately or unfortunately, my wife Doris hears about 95% of my disinhibition and colorful words when talking about something.

Another thing that happens to me is I can fly off the handle very quickly. Simple things that in the old days wouldn’t have bother me can now really piss me off! I’ve also had some faux pas in the past 20 years when I said something in public that I shouldn’t have. I guess the brakes in my brain not to say something are worn and need to be replaced. lol

** The following information comes from Wikipedia. In psychology, disinhibition is a lack of restraint shown in disregard for social conventions, impulsivity and poor risk assessment. Disinhibition affects motor, instinctual, emotional, cognitive and perceptual aspects with signs and symptoms similar to the diagnostic criteria for mania. Hypersexuality, hyperphagia, and aggressive outbursts are indicative of disinhibited instinctual drives.

Disinhibited behaviour occurs when people do not follow the social rules about what or where to say or do something. People who are disinhibited may come across as rude, tactless or even offensive. For example, a person with a brain injury may make a comment about how ugly another person is or a person with dementia may have lost their social manners and look as though they are deliberately harassing another person.

Reasons why these behaviors may occur include:

– Damage to the brain such as in brain injury, usually the frontal cortex areas (part behind the forehead)

– Difficulty thinking about the consequences of their behavior

– Misinterpreting social cues; poor social judgement

– Being unable to communicate in an appropriate way

– Feeling lonely

– Discomfort such as being too hot or cold may lead to undressing or a urinary tract infection may lead to touching one’s own genitals which could lead to problems if in public

** As much as I like to piss and moan Doris and I learned some upsetting news last week which make my problems seem tiny. Doris is from Lima, Peru. Last week we found out Doris’ sister Edith has cancer. She had a tumor in her lung which has now traveled to her brain and one of her kidneys. Then three days ago she suffered a stroke which has paralyzed her right side.

Edith is only 45 years old and literally has done nothing in her life but work. At this time her prognosis is not good. I worry because healthcare in Peru is not the best. It’s enough to make me want to cry but I have to be strong for Doris. For everyone reading, “it just goes to show there is always someone worse off than you.”

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