Self-Cathing – 3/18

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** If your a male and squeamish about medical tools being in your penis then you shouldn’t read this post.

I was diagnosed with the disease multiple sclerosis in the summer of 1991 at the age of 33. I don’t tell you the following info for pity or sympathy. I accepted my plight a long time ago. I realize I was just dealt a bad hand but I’m not folding yet! I just want to inform people what can happen to them with Multiple Sclerosis.

Unless you have a MRI every year for your MS you really don’t know what is happening inside your body. Since my diagnosis in ’91 more MS lesions continued to develop on my spinal cord! They must have been developing because nine years later in January of 2000 I stopped urinating normally! According to my neurologist one of the things that was affected by those new lesions on my spinal cord was my bladder.

As a result I’ve self-cathetered myself full-time since January 2000. If you’re worried about self-cathing don’t be. It isn’t painful at all if you use a lubricant like KY Jelly. I myself use a product called Surgilube. Surgilube is just like KY Jelly. I like it better though because it’s easier for me to handle with my shaky hands.

I urinate five or six times per day. In 18.5 years I figure I’ve self-cathed approximately 37,139 times give or take a couple hundred! I’ve heard from people that the Foley catheter hurts when removed from the bladder. The Foley catheter is used for operations.

Self-cathing like I do is nothing like the Foley catheter! The catheter I use is 16 inches long. I insert a catheter into the opening. Then I gently push the catheter until it reaches my bladder and urine starts to flow. If there is resistance I use firm but gentle pressure. There is only one place for the catheter to go, to your bladder.

In my 18.5 years I’ve had two bladder infections that needed medical attention. I can tell now when a bladder infection is starting. I get funny feelings in my genital/tummy area. Nowadays, when I get those feelings I start drinking water. Lots of water! That seems to take care of it. Usually, 32 ounces of water seems to head off any bladder infections for me.

** For anyone that doesn’t know this people can now get 200 catheters per month FREE! I’m on Medicare and Medicaid and I guess the government decided it was cheaper to pay for catheters instead of hospital visits.




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