A Christmas Story – 2/8/19

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I know we are way past Christmas but I was going through some old papers and found this story from my youth. I think it’s funny! I hope no one is offended!
Get out your best Scandinavian accent.

A Christmas Story Of Der Little Fur Cap!

Der night it vas Christmas
Und it vas cold und it vas still,

All der stockings vas hung
by der chimney to fill,

Nodding vas stirring at all in der house
For dey fear dot St. Nicholas might hearer sound of a mouse,

Der kinder had pottied
und had gone to der bed,

Und mudder in nightgown und I up ahead
Ve vas looking about in der closet for der toys,

Ve crept around quiet so as to not make any noise
Now mudder vas carrying der toys in her gown,

Showing vat she had
from der vaistline on down,

Ven as ve approached near to der crib of our boy
our youngest und sveetest,

Our pride und our choy
his eyes opened vide,

As he peeped from der cot
und he seen everything dot his mudder has got,

But he didn’t take notice of der toys in her lap
he chust asked, “for who is dat liddle fur cap?”,

Und mudder said, “hush, und laughed mit delight
I tink I’ll give dot to your poppa tonight!”