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My name is Jon Wegner aka Scooterjon. I’ve lived in North Dakota, USA for the past 15 years after being a lifelong Minnesotan. My blog is about my disease which is Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  I was diagnosed in 1991 at age 33.  In January of 2000 my MS started getting worse.  Then in November of 2011 my MS turned into a real life changing disability. I’m not a doctor, I don’t give advice on MS, I just hope to share what I know. I also know how my MS has made me feel for the past 27 years! 

My neurologist now considers me to have Primary Progressive MS (PPMS). More MS lesions were found on my spinal cord in October/November 2011. Those lesions are disrupting all the body functions below my waist. I also never knew and no one ever told me that SPMS could turn into PPMS. It just goes to show you what researchers and doctors don’t know yet about our little disease called multiple sclerosis!

I can still drive my van with hand controls otherwise I’m riding my scooters 100% of the time hence my nickname. One new addition in my life is a Dodge Caravan minivan which is handicap accessible. When the sliding door is opened on the passenger side a ramp is lowered to the ground. I just ride my scooter up the ramp and I’m inside the van. It works great and I love it!! The funny thing about my Multiple Sclerosis is this. The disease has slowed me down and things that used to be so easy are more challenging. The funny thing is that MS won’t kill me which is good. MS doesn’t kill, it just makes life more difficult for people including me.

I always thought the loss of my legs was the worst thing that MS could do to me. However, in July 2016 I started losing control of my bowels. Losing bowel control has really messed my head up. I’ve had anxiety problems since the 1990’s but not knowing when I’m going to have a BM has turned me into a part-time recluse. Let me clarify that… my MS affects the sphincter muscle in my butt. I know when I’m going to have a BM but I have to be on a toilet in 45-60 seconds otherwise I’m having an accident. I’ve mainly spent the past year inside my apartment which I know isn’t good for me, either.

I turned 60 in March of 2018. I figure and hope that I have 20 or so years left. After being a coordinated athlete my entire life sometimes it’s hard to admit that I’m now considered a disabled person but I am. My blog is about my MS, the symptoms and personal stories. After 27 years with the disease I have alot of information and stories to tell. As an adult though, it’s hard watching your own body falling apart right before your eyes!









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