$1 Dollar Project – 5/20/19

Pay $1, get up to $70,000 in a few months! Forgive me for this long e-mail but it could be the answer to all your troubles!

Earning money, a lot of money, can’t get any easier than this!  How?  I’ll show you now. Read the whole page, then you can decide for yourself.  One dollar, turned into $20,000 within the first 90 days. If you decide to follow these simple steps you are GUARANTEED that you will get a similar result!  Please, do not be skeptical about this program. 

You should at least think about it for a few days.  Otherwise, you will be throwing away over $70,000 in cash!  This system has been working for years.  Thousands of people have participated WORLDWIDE and been surprised by the results that it took only $1 Dollar.  I received this simple e-mail that explained how to earn over $70,000 and more.  I ignored it.  Quite simply, “I was skeptical.” 

However, I did not delete that e-mail because there was something about it.  I kept thinking about it for days, even weeks, wondering if it would be possible to earn such a huge sum in such a short time.  I finally realized that I had absolutely nothing to lose.  So I put my doubts aside, took the first step and followed the simple instructions given to me in this email.  The implementation took less than 30 minutes and it cost me a ridiculous $1 dollar.  The results were stunning!  So far I have earned over $492,718.00 Dollars.  My accountant has set up a cash flow and it forecasts that I will become a millionaire within the next 24 months, and only with this business plan. 

Even now, when I write this to you, I find it strange how my life has in the end developed so favorably.  Only if you read on, you will learn how it can work for you!  This business plan, which I am about to explain to you, can be implemented right now.  Let me assure you that this is a LEGALLY AUTHORIZED BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY and impeccable money making business.

In fact, you do not even need to get in touch with other people.  If you do this exactly, I GUARANTEE that you will receive at least $20,000 in cash through your PayPal account within the next 100 days.  I know it must sound unbelievable to you, especially if you have never had such a sum, but believe me, this business works like nothing else that you have ever seen in your life.

This simple 3-step plan will change your life in a few weeks.  Please do not let your skepticism stand in the way of your financial success.  It is so easy!  This is the CHEAPEST, FASTEST and EASIEST way to make money online, Ever!  This program is by no means new.  It exists in many forms and has existed for several decades.  But in the early days, it took much more time and effort, as well as spending hundreds of dollars. 

However, thanks to PayPal and the Internet, the issues are now practically ZERO!  The whole process is FASTER, EASIER, and more LUCRATIVE than ANYTHING has ever been before!  This program works no matter what country you live in or what currency you have there.  It does not matter how old or how young you are.  And you certainly do not need any special knowledge or talent.  You do not need to run a website, or answer calls, make photocopies or send letters through the post office, and so on. 

The only things you need are an e-mail address, a PayPal account in which $1 Dollar is deposited and 30 minutes of your time.  The fact is, you will never earn FASTER, CHEAPER and more PROFITABLE money.  Take your time and read everything!  If you do not have the time now, keep this e-mail in your inbox and come back to it later. 

Everyone has heard of “PayPal”, if not you will soon.  When I thought about it, I knew it would work as a member of PayPal, I already had experience with the excellent performance.  PayPal is the easiest method you’ve ever seen to receive payments online.  Anyone with an e-mail address can register for FREE!

Once you have a PayPal account, you can send and receive credit card payments or cash anywhere in the world!  If you take this half hour you will not forget this day of your life,  HERE ARE TESTIMONIALS OF 3 participants who decided to invest only $1 Dollar and half an hour.

“What an amazing plan!  Just three weeks ago, I followed your plan, although, so far I have not yet earned $50 thousand, but I am pleased about the $15,340 dollars.”  I am absolutely out of my socks.  Alan Humphries, Leicester

“I do not know what to say … THANK YOU, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!  I sent 40 of these emails and then, I just forgot the thing.  To be honest, I did not really believe in the whole thing.  But when I checked my Pay-Pal account a week later, more than 6,000.00 Dollars was in it!  I now have over $26,000.00 Dollars after 30 days! I cannot thank you enough!” Lisa McDonald, Northampton

“I was horrified to see how much money was flowing into my Pay-Pal account. Within 3 weeks my account has risen to 18,625.00 Dollar.  At first, I thought that some kind of bad bookeepin had happened! ” Richard Barrie, Cirencester

Just a few months ago, some people did the same thing as you.  Because they chose to follow the simple instructions that follow, they are now considerably better off financially.  And there is not a single reason why you cannot share in this success.  You have nothing to lose but ALL to win!  Let’s start, just follow the instructions and then prepare for a HUGE cash inflow over the next 30 days!  Here is what you need to do….

STEP 1 – If you are not already a PayPal user, the very first task you need to do is to click on the PayPal link below and open an account for free.  It takes just 2 minutes!  Here is the link: https://www.paypal.com

STEP 2 – It is a law of the universe that we must first give to receive.  Therefore, the first action to be done now is to open your PayPal account:  Send $1 Dollar from your PayPal account to the FIRST e-mail address on the list.  As intended use of the payment you write, “Please add me to your mailing list.” 

Log in to your PayPal account, in the top menu click (Tools), (Send Money), (Send to Friends and Family).  It is so easy!  When you send your one-off payment of $1 US Dollar to the first address in the list, do it with a big smile on your face, because, “We reap what we sow!”  Here is the current list…

1. gentlysoul83@gmail.com

2. blueminx1100@gmail.com

3. avtormany@gmail.com

4. godfreythembaiii@gmail.com

5. byroncuevas@yahoo.com

6. rikkidoodum@yahoo.com

7. jwegner58@gmail.com

After you have made a payment of $1 US Dollar to the first e-mail address on the list, something scary will happen.  It gives you unsurpassable, overwhelming security of faith and conviction in the system.  It has just been proven that it works, because YOU have just done it.  So there must be many other people who are willing to do exactly the same thing.  Now you have experienced it firsthand that this system really works!

STEP 3 – Once you have made a payment of $1 US Dollar to the first address on the list, for the purpose, “Please add me to your mailing list.” (this is very important!)  Copy all the text on this page and email (safelists only) to at least 40 people.  Keep the number 40 in your head. Forty is a good number of people that you can easily reach on the internet.  Hundreds and even thousands of people could emerge. 

The copy you send will include your PayPal email address at #7 in the list.  The address at #1 will drop out (after you paid $1 dollar to it) and the others will move up one position.  How to e-mail…the best way to send the e-mail is to highlight all the text on the page, (right click) and then click Copy.  Now hold the ‘ctrl’ key on your keyboard and hit ‘v’ at the same time with the cursor in the text area of your e-mail to paste it.  Now remove #1 e-mail address that you have already sent $1 to and re-number the remainder 1 to 6, then add your own e-mail address at #7.  Now send to about 40 different people. 

Some advertising resources are really good and recommended.

1. https://www.easy-hits4u.com/?ref=scooterjon

2. http://trafficadbar.com/scooterjon

3. http://dragonsafelist.com/?rid=99509

4. https://cashjuice.link/_scooterjon

5. http://www.QuantumSafelist.com/?ref=46948

6. http://herculist.com/members/index.cgi?scooterjon3958

The goal is to promote your splash page at traffic exchanges, advertising sites, etc. and e-mail at safelists as much as you can. (the more the better) How to Copy this page to Advertise Choose a Website or Splash Page builder like Easy Splash Builder or one of your own choices. I use Easyhits4u (Easy Splash Builder – it’s free and works well)

Now do exactly the same as for e-mailing instructions above, except you are pasting into the ‘Splash Page Builder’.  The more you advertise the better you will do.  There are many free website builders that you can use on the web.  Market your site via various German and American Free or Paid Safelist Services.

There are countless ways to reach several people and encourage them to participate in this amazing program.  The only task that you have to consider is that YOUR e-mail address is at number 7 on the list.  Please do not send spam. That is the only thing that could harm this genius system!  Of course, the address that was previously at # 1 should have been removed and the other email addresses should have been moved up one position to put your e-mail Address at #7.  As long as you have done this correctly, your e-mail is ready to be sent!

A WORD OF WARNING! Do not be tempted to add your e-mail address to position #1 to receive money quickly!  It does not work that way!  If you do that, you will reach ONLY the people to whom you will send the e-mail directly and then your address will immediately be removed from place #1 and you will not reach thousands of people!  But if you add your email address to position #7 you will literally reach 100 thousand people who receive or send your e-mail. And at this point, your name will be at point #1.

If you think you can copy this text without paying anyone, then you probably did not understand the whole system!  Because if everybody would do that, then this would not work here and you will not get any money!  I think one Dollar does not really hurt anyone!  OK, let’s continue!  Send a minimum of 40 copies of the email, Once your emails are ready.  By sending these emails and paying via PayPal, the response time is EXTREMELY fast, thanks to the INTERNET!! 

Therefore, it will only take a few months for $1 Dollar payments to flood your PayPal account!  THAT WAS ALL!  The whole process should take about 30 minutes.  BE PREPARED, ENTHUSIASTIC, IT WORKS!  Half an hour of the simplest work is required.  No major issues, no stamps, no printing, copies, etc. and the concept is 100% approved.  Within 50 days over 5,000 Dollars in your PayPal account. 

Keep a copy of your e-mail so that you can use it again whenever you need more money!  Here’s how it works: When you send your e-mail, first put your e-mail address to number #7 on the list.  This is the best position you can get if you really want to make a lot of money.  The response rate for this program is much higher than any typical email marketing campaign due to a number of reasons that will be explained later. 

You can expect a response from about 25% of the people to whom you send the e-mail.  But first, let’s be extremely conservative, and assume that you have an average response rate of only 12.5%.  If you send your email to 40 different people, you can expect to reach at least 5 of those who do exactly what you did. (12.5% of 40 = 5). 

By that time your email address is at position #6 on the list, this list would have reached 200 people (5×40).  From these 200 people, you can expect at least 25 to participate (12.5% out of 200 = 25).  This puts you in 5th place with your email address further to Position #5 1,000 E-Mails (25 x40) that are sent out.

Among these 1,000 people, you can expect to have at least 125 (12.5% of 1,000 = 125). This puts you in the fourth position with your e-mail address on another 5,000 E-Mails (125 x 40) that are sent out. With these 5,000 people, you can expect at least 625 to respond (12.5% out of 5,000 = 625). As a result, you will now be in the third position, with 25,000 emails (625×40) sent out with your email address.

Among these 25,000 people, you can expect 3,125 to respond (12.5% from 25,000 = 3,125).  And now you are #2 on the list.  Out of these 125,000 people, you can expect to receive at least 15,625 (12.5% of 125,000 = 15,625). This will put you in first place with your e-mail address on another 625,000 E-Mails (15,625 x 40) that are sent out.

Among these 625,000 people, you can expect at least 78,125 to attend (12.5% out of 625,000 = 78,125).  And now that you are #1 on the list, you will receive 78,125 Dollars (78,125 x 1 Dollar).  If your email address reaches the number one position, you will receive money from a few thousand people within the next 30 to 90 days, just as you have sent your 1 Dollar.

Mistake if you don’t take it seriously because you only spent $1, then you wasted your time (and $1 dollar).  Your actions will determine how much money you make.  You must e-mail at least 40 prospects or advertise your link.  Even free ad places can work as long as you make the effort.  If you do nothing, don’t expect a reward!

Imagine what would happen if each participant sends out 1,000 emails instead of just 40!  Believe me, many people do this and send much more!  I’m an example. Consider the following!  Millions of people surf the internet daily worldwide.  There are 80,000 new Internet registrations every month! The people who send you offers through emails are an excellent source to send back manually, or simply by using an Autoresponder.

You can send e-mails to all your contacts, to business partners, etc.  Please do not send SPAM!  Invest 1 Dollar and 30 minutes of your time, but receive a substantial sum within months.  If you want to run this business continuously, you should have your own website, like this one and advertise regularly, or have your emails sent regularly through various Paid or Free mail services.  Of course, it would also make sense if you use many languages.

I managed to stay in business for the last 2 years! There is an infinite number of German and American mail services that you can use to inexpensively send your e-mail or promote your own copied website.  The possibilities are endless, and it’s that easy!  Unlike many other mlm programs, this 7-level program only cost you 1 Dollar.  Only the first person on the list will receive your $1 Dollar gift, but everyone on the list will move up to position #1.  Because it’s so easy, the response speed is VERY HIGH and FAST.  You start to see drastic results in less than two months! 

Remember, you only need to send 40 copies to start with.  Forty emails are enough to get a substantial sum within 30 to 90 days.  For example, send to personal contacts and in response to people sending you programs that already work on the net.  You know that this program works and you are already convinced about this system! 

It will NOT be considered spam if you respond to offers from people who send you emails.  So send your e-mail now (and/or create your own website like this one here) and prepare for a huge cash inflow within the next 60 days. Four factors that make this program so successful. . . EXTREMELY FAST RESPONSE, EXTREMELY HIGH RESPONSE, SPEED UNLIMITED PROFIT POTENTIAL FAST, EASY AND CHEAP TO START.

Because of the PRACTICALLY ZERO INVESTMENT (only $1 Dollar), SPEED, and HIGH PROFIT POTENTIAL this program has a VERY HIGH SPEED!  Most email marketing campaigns have an average of 0.5% to 5%.  However, this particular program usually produces a response rate of 20% and 30%. Why? Because this program is so easy to start, it costs almost nothing, it takes just 30 minutes, and the results can be seen within the next few weeks or months.

I have watched this type of MLM program for years, and this is the simplest and fastest that exists.  No stamps, no envelopes, no printing, no copies – just a little effort and faith!  This program really keeps it “short and easy”!  UNLIMITED income potential! 

This program is structured for everyone and only requires to send 40 emails. Do not set the 40th limit. Send as many emails as you can. All 40 emails have a return of at least $20,000 – 30,000 Dollars WITHIN 90 DAYS.  So if you can send 50 E-Mails, 100 or whatever number, do it!  However, know that “sneaking” your name to a higher level of the list will NOT achieve the result.

Remember, the people in front of you have taken the trouble and deserve to be in their place.  So follow the guidelines, be honest and the money will come to you. You may still be skeptical, just as I was initially, wondering if it really works.  I am more than happy today that I invested in it.  But please follow the guidelines!  This program does not cost more than $1 Dollar and half an hour of your time, it will be a win-win for everybody if we all stick to the guidelines!

You now have the knowledge that will enable you to earn more than $70,000 within the next few months.  The only thing that can hold you back right now is lack of faith or lack of self-belief.  All the doubts you have right now will disappear within a few days after putting this plan into practice.  Completing a transaction with PayPal is far safer than mailing a check, or giving your credit card number to a stranger.  That’s why more than 9 MILLION people use PayPal to send money WORLDWIDE in real time. 

So do not hesitate, do something for yourself and your wallet. I wish you much success. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.